The Curtis Meyer house is privately owned by avid admirers of Mr. Wright and its renovation continues.  Supervised by Taliesin architect Lawrence R. Brink, the kitchen was brought back to its original and fascinating semi-circular shape and the integral living room banquette seat was restored.  Wall-to-wall carpet was removed to expose the original "Cherokee red" concrete floor on the first floor, and the original hardwood flooring on the 2nd floor.  The original Mahogany exterior woodwork was maintained with utmost care by Mr. Meyer, but was later painted.  The process to remove the paint is ongoing.  The parapet has been completed and the exposed Mahogany was found to be in near perfect condition.  Some of the original furniture remains with the home.  With a licensing agreement granted by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation all of the missing original furniture is in the process of being authentically reproduced utilizing Honduran Mahogany and Honduran Mahogany plywood.