In 1946 both Curtis and Lilian Meyer provided Mr. Wright with a detailed essay of how they lived and what they appreciated in life.  Mrs. Meyer, a chemistry professor,  was specific about her love of gardening.  Much of her hard work and vision is still present in the gardens of the Meyer house.  Mr. Wright designed the shape of the driveway and specified plantings for the circular garden on the west side of the house.  For the east side, the design was a half circle and was presented more vaguely as a "flower garden."  By all accounts, Mrs. Meyer maintained a gorgeous flower garden and much care has been given that her original garden is colorful and interesting in all seasons. 

Through the large east facing windows, the flower garden is visible and feels like it is an extension of the living area.  A semi-circular reflecting pool was designed on the radius of the dining room, but was never executed by the Meyers. 

The property is filled with thousands of naturalized daffodils, numerous azaleas,  rhododendrons, dogwoods, and many Michigan native wildflowers and plants.  On the inside end of the parapet wall, Wright provided a small space for Mrs. Meyer to utilize as an interior garden.